What would It be like to stand on Mercury’s surface?

EP1-Mercury is one of the most mysterious and unexplored planets in our solar system, but what would it be like if you could stand on its surface? Check out this video to find out! And make sure to check back soon for the next episode in the solar system series!


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Living on Mercury would be a very difficult task for mankind, it’s the closest planet to the sun and it experiences extreme fluctuations in temperatures, with near to no atmosphere.
When imagining Mercury, most people think of it as being a burning red colour, perhaps because of it’s extreme proximity to the sun, but in reality it is much more grey and Moon-like. Mercury is a mysteriously complex planet, but if we had the technology to survive on its surface, what would It be like? Well, firstly we would have to deal with the severe temperature changes, throughout the Day temperatures on the planet can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit (430 degrees Celsius) and throughout the night temperatures can plummet to minus 290 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 180 degrees Celsius). If you could somehow survive the blistering heat though out day and looked up in to the sky, you would see the sun, but it would look 2.5 times larger than it does in the Earth’s sky. You would have plenty of time to enjoy the suns rays as on Mercury one day lasts almost 59 Earth days. However the sun wouldn’t be surrounded by a beautiful blue sky, Mercury’s sky would be black because the planet has virtually no atmosphere to scatter the sun’s light, which also been the stars wouldn’t glisten. The surface however would feel calm, as without an atmosphere the planet does not have any weather events. But you would be able to see a violent history though Mercury’s surface scars, it’s surface is littered with Craters and Basins of all sizes. It is the smallest planet in our solar system and has about 38 percent the gravity of earth, which would mean you could jump 3 times as high as you can now. Over many years, we have been sending probes off in to space, in the aim of learning more about out planetary neighbours, but Mercury is the least explored. This is probably because it is generally less likely to contain evidence of life or even allow us to colonise its surface one day in the future. But with all its extreme characteristics, it is definitely one of our solar systems most interesting members.

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