What is the future of Alberta? Rachel Notley answers your questions about energy, the economy and pipelines

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley will answer questions from Canadians live on social media and in person in Edmonton on Tuesday on the future of the province’s energy sector. Issues will include how the oil industry affects the rest of the country and what’s being done to prepare for the future. 

The National co-host Rosemary Barton will host the discussion, which will include topics such as the debate over oil pipelines, the production and transportation of oil, climate change and carbon taxes.

Canadians can submit questions to Notley in person, in the comment section of this page and on Facebook and YouTube during the event.

Panellists Chris Slubicki, president and CEO of Modern Resources Inc.; Jackie Forrest, senior director of the ARC Energy Research Institute; Hunter Cardinal, co-founder of strategic communications agency Naheyawin and Shachi Kurl, executive director of the Angus Reid Institute, will also join in a discussion.

The National will also be talking with Jason Kenney, leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta, to discuss these and other topics in a wide-ranging interview to air separately Tuesday night. 

Where to watch

The event is being held in the Productivity and Innovation Centre at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. While tickets are sold out, the discussion is being live-streamed from 6 p.m. MT (8 p.m. ET)  on CBCNews.ca and Gem, as well as The National‘s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Highlights from the event will also air on The National on CBC Television at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday.


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