What If We Combine All The Planets in Our Solar System? Universe Sandbox²

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!
In this video, we will combine all of the planets into one and find out what happens.

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36 thoughts on “What If We Combine All The Planets in Our Solar System? Universe Sandbox²

  1. Anton, you remember how in one of your previous videos you mentioned how weird our solar system is because of how we compare the planets to one another. For example the planets in other solar systems are relatively similar unlike our own which has a diverse array of planets.
    In this video, I noticed something interesting when you gave Saturn a relatively similar density to Earth in not the fact that it's size decreased dramatically, but it revealed that the ice giants and Saturn were more alike and not so odd compared to other Solar Systems. If you're interested, I have an idea that might be worth testing out. This is idea is basically giving all the planets relatively similar densities (basically a density of 1.0 or more) and see how they appear when compared to one another. Due to this, I now have a theory as to why our solar system appears so differently from the many others we have discovered and that is due to the formation of the planets and their history with collisions and any other significant event that may have caused the planets to "mutate" in a sense thus changing their densities. This theory might also explain why Jupiter appears to be shrinking.

  2. It would've been better if you made the terrestrial planets one the gas gaints as one and ice gaints as one and smashed them together but still good vid

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