What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

A time-lapse taken from the front of the International Space Station as it orbits our planet at night. This movie begins over the Pacific Ocean and continues over North and South America before entering daylight near Antarctica. Visible cities, countries and landmarks include (in order) Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Phoenix. Multiple cities in Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. Mexico City, the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, El Salvador, Lightning in the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon. Also visible is the earths ionosphere (thin yellow line), a satellite (55sec) and the stars of our galaxy.

Smooth Version;

25fps Version

Raw data was downloaded from;

The Gateway To Astronaut Photography of Earth
“http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/mrf.htm “.

Virtualdub was used to create the final movie.

You can see more beautiful images of our universe at;

How big is the universe?



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27 thoughts on “What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

  1. So bogus! Space is a DARK expanse. without the light from the Sun. There is nothing but pitch blackness. The area being shown, is the supposed night portion of the Earth. Yet it is so lit, you can dicern even street lights, from space. WITHOUT THE AID OF ANY NATURAL LIGHT?!

  2. 2 Years ago I believed this was real, I was a moderator on a Mars/Moon anomaly research page, I believed we went to the moon and many other NASA lies. Now I am wide awake, the earth is demonstrably flat, we never went to Moon or Mars or for that matter "outer" space and the ISS is fake and satellites do not exist. My eyes are wide open now and the world makes so much more sense. I am ashamed to admit that I believed all this crap for so long. The facts were right there in front of me all along. I was a victim of a multimillion dollar magic show called NASA.

  3. Total fake. I heard they were filming the Mars missions down in Canada. Wakey Wakey, people… They can't get into space…hence, no real photos. It's all cgi and astra-nuts.

  4. people, its not funny at all to play with flat earth stuff. Are you a kid? Is there any reason why people have to lie that the earth is round not flat? duh.. please stop. You guys just look like naughty and hard-headed children roaming around the Internet.

  5. It's a shame that this beautiful vid is cluttered with retarded flat-earth comments.
    Soo many of them. This is becoming too much and youtube should delete all their shitty videos, or youtube should get punished for promoting harmful materials to our children.
    This is not a joke, YT is world media and it has responsibility. They don't allow porn but allow that shit which is worse 100 times.
    I'm sure someone will react very soon about this.
    Also, leaders of the flat-earth movement should be sent to China to face trial there. Chinese have death penalties, respect for that.

  6. at this altitude (400km) the earth look so fucking tiny! just going further away and we're seeing the entire '' planet ''.

    and why is it freezing every 0.2sec ? like if it was 10 image per seconde..

  7. There's no way this can be real. If there's cameras that can see the lights on Earth down below, then they must see more stars in space. If this satellite really orbited the Earth, we'd see the Moon and the Sun at some point. But it's intereting anyway :3

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