Snow, snow, go away – don’t come back another day! The weather forecast was right – snow today (so far only very light), with more to come for four more days. Our temperature just before noon is -3C (windchill -10C). Yesterday, we had rain, which was a shame because it was time for kids to go out trick-or-treating. I didn’t see or hear a single child.

All three photos posted this morning were taken the day before yesterday, 30 October 2017. They show what a varied day I had – everything from Alpacas to Artichokes!

I spent the day driving mostly roads that I had been along before (a round trip of 230 km). I still found a few roads so confusing! My destination was partly to check on two old barns that I have only seen and photographed once before. Having been there with my daughter in January 2015, I knew that there were several other old barns and homesteads en route. This day was definitely a barn day, not a bird or wildlife day.

The large barn in a photo I posted yesterday was one that I had been looking forward to finding and seeing for the first time, which I finally did in January 2015, with my daughter. I would love to have been able to get photos from both sides of it, but it was in a farmer’s field that was, of course, private property.

The second old barn that I saw in this area is in far worse condition, but I love it. It was funny, because I was standing in the road two days ago and had already taken a handful of photos of this crumbling, weathered structure, when I noticed someone walking towards me in the distance. Talk about deja vu! I started walking towards her and it turned out that she lived at the farm just down the road, but had previously lived in the house next to this decaying barn and it was her property. She told me to wander wherever I wished, take as many photos as I wanted. I laughed and said that in January 2015, when my daughter and I had been standing right there in the road, a lady came by on her horse and told us the very same story – it must have been the same person! Felt so good!

Another place I stopped at was a farmyard full of old barns, sheds and vehicles. I pulled over and got out to take a quick shot of an old, blue truck from across the road. A person happened to just appear, walking across his farmyard, so I called out to him and we had a delightful chat. I think he was very amused at my passion for old things and told me to walk around and take whatever photos I wanted. Which I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! This old set of windows belonged to a quonset barn (never my favourite), but the turquoise colour was different, which I liked. The blue truck in a photo posted yesterday was just one of several old vehicles, mainly cars. I told him what an amazing place he had, full of interesting things. I got the impression that he saw things very differently – lots of old things that needed fixing or tidying up : ) I told him to just leave everything as it is – a photographer’s dream : )

On the way home, I called in at the Saskatoon Farm to see if the restaurant was still open, but it had just closed (3:30 pm). I realized I had been enjoying myself so much that I had totally forgotten to eat anything all day. Managed to get a much-needed cup of coffee, though, and I did buy a box of frozen, uncooked Saskatoon Berry and White Chocolate scones. I bought some of these last time I was there and they are SO good, piping hot, straight out of the oven.

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