Weather Videos – Extreme Weather: The Somerset Floods #Weather and #News

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DUR: 30 mins YEAR: 2016 / KS 3-5

In the winter of 2013/2014 the UK was hit by a succession of 13 low pressure systems causing extreme flooding on the Somerset Levels. This DVD looks at the human and physical causes of the floods and explores the impacts on property and lives through the first hand accounts of local residents and businesses. We also assess examples of both hard and soft engineering and see how they are being used to improve resilience to future flood events on the Levels. Dredging, pumping, tidal barriers and catchment sensitive farming are all considered.

2016 Suggested exam board specification links

GCSE Geography A Topic 2.3 River landscapes in the UK

GCSE Geography A Topic 1B River landscapes and processes
GCSE Geography B Topic 4 River processes and pressures
iGCSE Paper 1 Section A Topic 1 River environments

GCSE Geography A Topic 1.3 UK Environmental Challenges
GCSE Geography B Topic 1.1 How can weather be hazardous?

WJEC GCSE Geography A Key Idea 1.3 Drainage basins in the UK
WJEC GCSE Geography B Key Idea 2.2 Shaping the landscape –
rivers and river management


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