Weather Relations

Weather Relations

*explore-september 1, 2008. thank you all for the views, comments and faves.*

it was too hot for my taste yesterday… then, late afternoon not only did the heavy raining cool things off but it brought one whopping lightning storm! it went on for about an hour or two. didn’t keep track. the sky was full of random lightning strikes from one end of my peripheral vision to the other. it was an awesome display! but i could only concentrate on one section of sky. this is just one of the hundred exposures i got. more to come in the next few weeks. if you look closely you’ll see the lens was wet from the drizzle… i did take a bit of artistic liberty though and added in the howling moon… sorry, i had to give in… the ghost of photoshop present had me by the neck!

here’s what i’ve been lucky enough to witness so far…

Posted by m dee88 on 2008-09-01 10:25:47

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