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Live coverage of the approach of Hurricane Matthew on the state of Florida from 8:00PM – 5:45AM EDT (0000Z – 0945Z) on October 6 into October 7, 2016 by The Weather Channel. In-house TWC promotions and local on the 8s segments are included while paid commercial advertisements have been edited out for time and your data consumption, if applicable. Time stamps are provided throughout the video in United States EDT, CDT, MDT, PDT, and hourly time stamps in GMT/Z.

Video is posted for historical reference and discussion. No gain is made from this video. Video belongs to their proper owner, The Weather Channel. Their efforts in providing information to the residents of the Southeastern United States should not go without merit. Visit for the latest weather information for your community.

Toward the very end of the video you will see an Extreme Wind Warning, a first-ever issuance by the National Weather Service. The EWW was created in response to many Weather Forecast Offices using a Tornado Warning to warn about eye-wall wind speeds during some past, historic storms such as Katrina and Charley. It was developed in the late 2000’s and had not been used until this event. The requirements for EWW are set so high, it can only be used for life-threatening wind speeds. Since the hurricane never made landfall, only the Western eye-wall brushed the coastline. A shift 30 miles West on this track could have been a major disaster for many.

This video shows, via Doppler Radar, a near-complete Eye-wall Replacement Cycle. In general, an outer eye-wall will develop and overtake the inner eye-wall. This can be deceiving to a uneducated person as it will lower the overall peak wind speed, however the area of hurricane force winds (+74mph/65kt) expands further from the center, placing more locations at risk. With all of the technology available, an eye-wall replacement cycle is something that humans do not have the ability to predict when, or if, they will occur.


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