We have a Hurricane & Typhoon Problem* – Part 1 – WTF? the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean

We’ve got 7 to 10 Tropical Waves & Depressions & Storms & Hurricanes formed or forming across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Upon first glance, they seem to all be dancing together on the same line.

Goni Atsani Loke Tropical Depression 12-E Invest L96 Tropical Wave Danny Tropical Storm Erika Invest L98 and Invest L99

And now Tropical Storm Ignacio.

That’s crazy.

The Sun has been firing off M-Class solar flares like crazy, about 7 in 7 days, if I understand the math on that correctly. We’ve got major giant sunspot AR2403 Earth facing and it’s fired a number of Coronal Mass Ejections right at us, plus that UN guy said 500 days until Climate Change Chaos, which would put us right in the middle of September 2015.

That’s the big month that everyone is rumoring about. Other than major stock market volatility, I cannot confirm aliens or asteroid strikes.

Strange Days, indeed.

May the Force be with you,
Live long and prosper,
God Bless everyone,

Stay cool.


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