Water to Gas Conversion Guide – How Can I Run My Car On Water?

Gas prices are rising, and there is no stopping them. Would you like to know how to convert your car so it can run on water? I have been running my car on water for many months now, and all I can say is that it is one of the most beneficial things anyone can do themselves. I will also tell you where you can get the best guides on how to go about doing this.

Can You Actually Run Your Car on Water?

Yes and No, it was discovered a few years ago, that when we combine 2 hydrogens + 1 oxygen we get something called HHO gas. This gas is what gives our cars energy.

These conversion kits have been kept secret for a while. The reason why is because a lot of countries including the USA rely on their oil. It is 100% political. Have you ever wondered why it’s taking so long for electric car productions?

Anyways let me explain the no. You need gas AND water in your vehicle to run your car on water. With both of these it pretty much cuts your gas price in half. Imagine filling up your tank all the way. Now look at the price, and cut it in half. That is what the conversion kits do. It preserves gas, and makes it so we use more of it.

DID YOU KNOW that we only use 20% of the gas we put in our car? Yeah the 80% is wasted! This is why are pollution levels have gone up so much, because of the pollution in unused gasoline.

With a water conversion kit you use up more of your gas.

There is a reason why a lot of people that sell these guides often say RUN YOUR CAR ON WATER!!. I wish that most people that sell this product let people know that you DO NEED GAS IN YOUR CAR as well. A lot of salespeople say the “run your car on water slogan”, and when they get customers to buy their products, it leaves them very disappointed.

I hope that passing by this article that you have feel a little lucky knowing that you got the facts straight. You can DOUBLE your gas mileage with kits, and it is definitely worth the investment. Its just not 100% water.

What Exactly Does It Cost to Run Your Car on Water?

There are a lot of programs out there that are really expensive. There are also programs out there that are quite affordable. With the links that I provide for you near the end of the article, you can convert your car to run on water for less than $200.

Good Luck! And Happy Saving!

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