Vlog of Taking Shelter for an Oklahoma Tornado (05-24-2011)

This is a vlog of what it was like to prepare for a tornado that came through my area.


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38 thoughts on “Vlog of Taking Shelter for an Oklahoma Tornado (05-24-2011)

  1. Tornado sirens only go for a few minutes before they shut off. Why does everyone think it's over when the sirens shut off. One reason they shut off is when a tornado is hitting them. . .

  2. Everyone this United States of America because it gets so many tornadoes it was deadly years years years ago so many tornadoes hit United States then the one tornado hit in California in Sacramento area what's big tornado EF5 hell's coming down rain it was real hard super hard people have cameras how my camera is in my old one tornado season hurricane season the flood season snow season thunderstorm season blizzard season winter storm season and I ice storm season

  3. I love when we get nasty storms the scarrier the better. I always go outside to take pics and videos but i always make sure my kids are safe first. I always either drive them to a safe place or bunker them into my hall as its the only safe place for them in my home cause all my walls go to the outside with windows so i usually try to get to the hospital by our home because we have had trees come down on our cars and miss our sons bedroom vairly, and so having them there gives me a chance to take pics and videos safely. I have learned though never be in a car with lightening tires do not ground u like they say they do. I had lightening strike my vehicle it actually struck miles away and ricochet to my car and the damage wow was unbelievable. But this was a great video to show some that need to know what to do in a storm. me i love watching all these videos cause i always wanted to be a storm chaser to me its beautiful. Sad thing is tornados always hit around me its good it never hit us personally but we have had alot of xtreme close encounters such as it pulled up just as it got to our housing addition, and back down as soon as it passed. and another on the side walk in front of the houses but not harming the homes, and one i got coming down going for miles and pulling back up while i was driving.. You should make more videos show them different scenarios of where to go when out in public or at stores or what to do if they are hime alone

  4. I've had a tornado hit my house with out knowing because I was playing new super Mario Bros on my Wii I was like WTF when I saw the damage

  5. I NEVER BEEN IN A TORNADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet its scary and i watch tornado videos becaues i want to feel what it feels like to be in a torndo thank you for the video!!!

  6. i feel bad… and how many tornado's have you been in? i have been in a cell only and im not going to say where but my town had trees down power lines it was scary i had to sleep over a friends house because my houses power was out for maybe 24 hours and a tree almost fell on my house!

  7. I live in Victoria, Australia and I haven't experienced a tornado. We have had a close call with one almost touching down but fortunately it didn't, your video helps me a lot for just in case one hits my town I really enjoy this too so thank you!

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