Victor Harbor Causeway

Victor Harbor Causeway

This is taken at Granite Island facing the causeway in the direction to Victor Harbor. I have actually hope to make this another HDR shot. However it was so badly taken & overly exposed, due to the direct sunlight, that processing it as a HDR is a big disaster. Therefore this is done using just a single RAW file .. the usual artie-style 🙂 Though this shot is fairly disappointing for me as it did not turn out the way i have visualised it in my mind, i’ve learnt heaps from this mistake (with great advice from my teacher Erlend of coz ;)) Nonetheless hope you will still enjoy this! Its 130am.. time for bed.. good nitey!

ps: I will definitely head back for another good shot when i’ve more time (its quite a fair drive for me haha!) and when the weather is better 😀 Thanks for the advices & encouragement everyone!

Posted by :: Artie | Photography :: Travel ~ Oct on 2008-05-19 14:48:45

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