Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service has issued Tropical Storm Warning

With the first band of showers, Trinidad and Tobago is already experiencing sustained winds of 20-30 KM/H and gusts up to 40 KM/H

These gusty winds have already started to bring trees down. This image is from Morne Diablo, South Trinidad.

(Joey Tang – Facebook)

Power Outages have already been reported in East and South Trinidad.

What’s the weather like where you live? 11AM Update on Potential Tropical Cyclone Two: Tropical Storm Force Winds Expected for Much of Trinidad and Tobago. First Bands expected in 1-3 Hours
As of 11AM, the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center puts this system 525 kilometers southeast of Trinidad and Tobago.
Gusty winds and street/flash flooding are likely. The possibility of landslides/landslips exists. Sea conditions are also anticipated to become very disturbed which will adversely affect marine and coastline interests.
ALL LAST MINUTE PREPARATIONS SHOULD BE TAKEN NOW. The first bands of this storm is currently less than 50 Kilometers east of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is expected to take a direct hit from this system.
This system has strengthened to produce sustained winds of 65 KM/H with gusts up to 83 KM/H, well within the threshold of tropical storm force winds. Additional strengthening is expected.
This system is expected to have sustained winds of 74 KM/H with gusts up to 92 KM/H upon nearing Trinidad and Tobago Monday night. Tropical Storm Conditions is expected to begin late Monday night into Tuesday.
A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for…
* Trinidad
* Tobago
* Grenada
* Venezuela from Pedernales to Cumana including Isla de Margarita
A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for…
* Bonaire
* Aruba
For Trinidad and Tobago:
A Tropical Storm Warning #4 is in effect (
A Rough Seas Bulletin #1 is in effect. Sea Conditions Along Coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago to Deteriorate in 24 to 30 Hours.
For Grenada:
A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect.
Impacts to Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Venezuela and nearby areas
WIND: Tropical storm conditions are expected to first reach the warning area overnight Monday and Tuesday morning, making outside preparations difficult or dangerous.
RAINFALL: The disturbance is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 2 to 4 inches (50 to 125 millimeters) over the Windward Islands Monday through Tuesday.
STORM SURGE: Peak High Tide is expected at 11:57PM Tonight. This is when the core of the system will be approaching Trinidad and Tobago. Residents near the east and north coast of Trinidad as well as near all coasts in Tobago should make necessary preparations to move belongings to higher ground if possible.
Trinidad has already seen continuous rainfall this past week. Further rainfall would land on already saturated soils meaning most of the rainfall will be runoff. This additional water would add to Trinidad’s already swollen rivers and present river flooding. River flooding is more prolonged compared to street/flash flooding. Risk of landslips and increased likelihood of falling trees during gusty winds will also increase in the event of more rainfall to the region.
Another Update Will be Posted between 2-3PM


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