Trade Winds

Trade Winds

The weather phenomenon that caused these clouds to be quite so dramatic during this particular morning is the jet stream. The jet stream normally runs over the UK much further south at this time of year and keeps the country covered in cold air. For a few days the jet stream moved north and the air was warmed from the south creating high pressure and cleared skies all the way over the horizon. Not something we see all that often in this part of the world.
I’ve called this image Trade Winds not because these are an effect of the trade winds, which are further south, but because the shapes you see in the clouds are mainly formed from the vapour trails of commercial aircraft approaching the nearby Edinburgh airport. I know it’s a tenuous link but irrespective of how they were formed it was as amazing sight that morning.

Taken from Falkland Hill overlooking the Firth of Forth.

Posted by Grant Morris on 2015-03-10 17:26:31

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