Totality Uncut – 4K Solar Eclipse 2017

Well.. here it is! 4K footage of the total solar eclipse of 2017! I planned this trip for 7 years and it went off perfectly! I couldn’t be happier. I would have had this up sooner but directly after the eclipse I went to Yellowstone for several days and on my way home I was displaced from hurricane Harvey. I’ll have a better recap video in a while but for now enjoy my view of totality!

I observed this event at the Casper Event Center in Casper WY with several of my closest astronomy family and my wife. It was a completely unforgettable day and an incredible 7th anniversary! I cannot wait for 2024!

Explore Scientific ED102 Triplet Refractor
Orion Atlas Mount
Sony A7s ii camera



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16 thoughts on “Totality Uncut – 4K Solar Eclipse 2017

  1. We were just outside of Casper, on a hill off Poison Spider Road. Exactly on the centerline. Gotta say, beautiful as your footage is, nothing captures the moment. You had to be there, you had to take it in with all your senses. It brought tears to my eyes. It was monumental.

  2. Very Clean… I could not get that sharpness on a ED127, so I used a 40 Yr old C5 F:6, Yes DsD, As clean as this is… It does not describe it. This also really shows the sensitivity of the 7S2. Very Nice…

  3. Hello, This is Matthew I am a Digital Design Artist, i missed the Eclipse This Year, but i mave Paintings of the Eclipse available at, this is my Artshop, that i gathered Idea's to assume what the Eclipse would look like, i hear That the Next Eclipse won't be until 2024. take care

  4. The clarity is impressive! Good work capturing it! I got lucky in Kearney, MO, the clouds cleared out an hour before and came in 10 minutes after. It was the coolest thing I've witnessed in my life.

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