Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Compilation

Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 a re-stream of NASA’s feed so we can watch together. Going to cut out irrelevant pieces.

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2 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Compilation

  1. Just got back from watching the eclipse. That was awesome. I ended up ordering extra solar eclipse viewing glasses. I had 4 extra pair so I put an add on Craigslist for $10.00 per pair. They had a cost to me at $1.80 each. I posted 1 hour before the eclipse and ended up with 45 emails to purchase them and ended up selling 6 pair, giving away 1 pair with a lady that had two kids with no eclipse glasses, and kept 3 pair for the three of us. I came home to 45 contact emails to buy the glasses within a one hour period. I know what I'm doing the next solar eclipse. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ CHA CHINGGGGG.

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