Total solar eclipse 2017 in 1 minute raw video FOR SCIENCE!

I started filming this short video about 1 minute before totality in Spring City, TN. Unedited live reaction raw footage as it happened.

The buzzing is the cicadas (I think) that started at about 90%. The sky quickly darkens as it approaches 100 percent.

Taken at First Presbyterian, and Many Thanks to them for being great hosts. I had no real plan for us, and there was the pastor offering free parking, seating, low cost food/bevs, and good company.

Sorry about the quality, as I was too busy being amazed. At 1:40 is an airplane contrail, over near Dayton (home of the Scopes Monkey Trial)

The video doesn’t do it any justice, it was much cooler in person. It was taken with my cell phone, and the auto-brightness made it look brighter than it was.

When I find a picture and/or video of what it actually looked like to the naked eye, I’ll post a link to it here in the description..these are close:

Update Sep 20, 2017:



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