Top 10 Hurricanes In History

A gentle breeze is refreshing, but when Nature goes crazy in the wind department, the results are deadly. Join as we count down the Top 10 Hurricanes in History. Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this video, we’re looking at massive windstorms that caused significant destruction or had other substantial impact on people.

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21 thoughts on “Top 10 Hurricanes In History

  1. Ok list, but it would be more accurate to do 'Top ten Hurricanes' , 'Top Ten Typhoons' and 'Top Ten Cyclones' as these storm systems are different to each region

    Incidentally, 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the devastating Cyclone Nargis in Burma- 138,000 dead and the twentieth anniversary of Hurricane Mitch

  2. Typhoon Haiyun, Philippines- 2013- 7,000 dead

    Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh- 2007- up to 10,000 dead

    Odisha Cyclone, India, 1999 – 9,900 dead

    Cyclone Nargis- Burma, 2008- 138,000 dead

    1991 Bangladesh Cyclone- 138,000 dead

  3. This list should be 'Tropical Storms' – 'Hurricanes, unless i'm mistaken is primarily for the Atlantic and western Pacific, 'Cyclones' for the Indian Ocean and Typhoons for the Asia-Pacific region

  4. Hurricane Katrina actually hit the Mississippi and Alabama gulf coasts much worse, than New Orleans. NOLA just had weak levees when some of the storm come through.

  5. U serious Im an american and you added one typhoon but why not super typhoon haiyan !!!! I was there in the philippines when that fucking typhoon almost destroyed my vacation at Cebu city!!

  6. Watch mojo research reminds me of my studying before a test
    There is none

    They start by saying that “1998 hurricane season was topped off with a cat 5 hurricane classified as the second deadliest in recorded history” Mitch killed 11,000

    Then they say “ but the galevenston hurricane of 1900 is commonly known as the deadliest in USA history” 1900 galevenston killed 12000
    Does that mean that this storm is the deadliest

    1780 hurricane “the hurricane is believed to kill 22,000 people “

    Me WTF does that make the 1780 the deadliest

    Finally they say “ The Bhola cyclone is the deadliest on record

    Me This is bullshit if hurricane Mitch is the second deadliest the where do the others place screw this video Dislike

  7. Watch mojo can’t find right information for shit hurricane Mitch killed 11,000 only in Honduras the rest were missing in Honduras and bullshit nothing happened in Florida get your facts straight

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