Thousands of Calgary school patrollers celebrated at Heritage Park – Calgary – Canada News

It was a sea of school-age children.

Several thousand school safety patrollers were celebrated and honoured at a huge party at Heritage Park Thursday.

“This was a job and I was going to do it,” AMA’s Jeff Kasbrick told The Homestretch of his personal experience as a patroller.

“What I didn’t realize at the time is how much it actually did help shape you into the kind of leader and community member that you are going to become. I look back on my school safety patrol years with an incredible degree of pride.”

He says there are 7,100 patrollers in the Calgary area covering 275 crosswalks.

“We are recognizing and celebrating their efforts and the commitment they have shown from September to June in keeping their peers safe while crossing the street in the school zone.”

With files from The Homestretch

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