This car was filmed driving down a pedestrian path on Vancouver’s seawall

On a warm summer day, Vancouver’s seawall is usually teeming with cyclists and pedestrians.

Cars? Not so much.

Which is why Josh Loewen, 38, pulled out his phone Friday and started filming when he spotted a white car driving down a walking path near Sunset Beach.

Beachgoers watched in disbelief as the car sped west toward Stanley Park at about 3:15 p.m. PT, Loewen said, before turning back toward the beach parking lot. 

His video captures the second half of that journey. Cyclists can be seen doing double takes as the car whizzes past them.

“I thought it was funny until we realized, ‘Boy, this could get really ugly if this person panics,'” Loewen said Sunday.

The incident comes one month after a flustered driver was filmed in a viral video driving down the stairs of a high-end Vancouver hotel.

Loewen said he believes the driver in this case made an innocent mistake. The cycling and walking paths border the Sunset Beach parking lot, and only parts of it are blocked by a curb.

An observer on social media noted they often see drivers making the same mistake at the site.

In a written statement, the Vancouver Park Board said it will review the area to make sure adequate deterrents are in place.

It said that motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on the seawall and that signage and physical barriers are in place to prevent accidental access.

The park board said people should call the Vancouver police’s non-emergency line or 311 if they spot someone driving on the seawall.

Vancouver police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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