The Space X Launch That Scared Southern California. (Space News)

Here is the Space X launch that scared Southern California on Friday December 22nd.

More videos from Of Sound Mind And Body:

Space X Causes UFO Scare Over Southern California.

Skull Shaped Asteroid Will Return Close To Earth In 2018 Says Astronomers.

Unbelievable UFO Evidence Released By World Governments.

Charged Stream Of Plasma Arching Up And Curling Back Into The Sun.

6 Sided Alien Structure Found On The Moon?

U.S. Military Releases Classified Footage Of UFO Tracked By Navy Pilots Over San Diego.

Update On The Cigar Shaped Asteroid Or UFO “Oumuamua” That’s From Another Star.

Beautiful Fiery Rain Falls On The Sun.

Cigar Shaped UFO Shoots Laser Beam At The ISS?

Giant Nephilim Mummy With 2 heads Discovered In Baltimore.

Amazing Military Or Alien Base Entrances Found On Mars.

California Wildfires Seen From Space.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Like We’ve Never Seen It Before Released By NASA.

Are There Millions Of Alien Domes Or Houses On Mars?

Circular UFO Crash Site With Impact Marks Discovered On Mars.

White Knight Satellite? UFO Seen As Endeavour’s External Tank Falls Away During STS-134.

Alien Dwellings. The Secret Alien Buildings Of Mars. Year End Special.

The Best Mars Mysteries Of 2017. Year End Special.

The View From Cassini. Saturn Up Close. (Part 4)

Crashed UFO Found On Mars. Just Like 1940’s UFO Sightings.

The View From Cassini. Saturn Up Close. (Part 3)



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