The Solar System Grand Tour

I couldn’t find a Solar System Grand Tour video I liked, so I decided to make my own, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the First Lunar Landing July 20. All 9 (yes, NINE!) planets, major moons, and spacecraft of the past and present exploring the planets. Notes: All the bodies and craft depicted here are real. Ida & Dactyl are main belt asteroids. Deep Impact impacted comet Tempel 1 (3:09) on July 4, 2005. In the Huygens probe scene (6:22), Titan’s cloud cover has been removed. As seen from Dione, Saturn’s rings are edge-on and nearly invisible. Saturn’s moons Pan (7:24) and Prometheus (7:50) are the stationary objects at screen center. Voyager 2 flew past Neptune on it’s way out of the Solar System on August 25,1989 (8:44). If some of the planets look upside down or in a strange orientation, remember that up and down are only conventions, like putting North at the top of maps. Created with Celestia ( and edited with Nero Vision. Music by Kevin MacLeod (


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