The James Webb Space Telescope Is Delayed (Again)! What Is Happening?

The James Webb Space Telescope will change how we see our universe, that is, if it ever gets off the ground.

How NASA Engineers Use Origami To Design Future Spacecraft – ://

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NASA Delays Launch of James Webb Space Telescope Again — This Time to 2021
“The liftoff of Webb, the successor to the agency’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope, has been pushed back from May 2020 to March 2021, NASA officials announced today (June 27). The project’s development cost has risen from $8 billion to $8.8 billion, and its total lifecycle price tag now stands at $9.66 billion, they added.”

The launch of Nasa’s giant Webb telescope has been delayed, again
“Nasa cited misplaced optimism as the underlying problem here – for an observatory of this scale, the slightest oversight can lead to untold issues. An independent review board set up by Nasa to ensure oversight concluded that there are “no small” problems on a beast of this size.”

The James Webb Space Telescope
“Webb will be the premier observatory of the next decade, serving thousands of astronomers worldwide. It will study every phase in the history of our Universe, ranging from the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, to the evolution of our own Solar System.”


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25 thoughts on “The James Webb Space Telescope Is Delayed (Again)! What Is Happening?

  1. Patience, patience or look at it this way. There are two things mankind can do to explore OUR past and the two things we generally run out of are
    MONEY and PATIENCE. Where would anyone suggest WE explore instead? Leave Science alone and let the universe unfold as they do their thing!
    Now apparently we are using more time than is needed? Time has been proven to be the one thing we have plenty of, so let's not screw it up now?

  2. So many science and physics experts in comments! Too bad these people are too oppressed by society and rich people! I`m sure they would of sent 10 webs in space by now!

  3. It's always gets delayed more and more into a future!
    I just hope the french dark-matter propelled shuttles will still have the lauchpad back-compatible
    for Ariane5 when this thing will be finally ready to go!

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