The Full Force of Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana

My chase partners (Jim Leonard and Mike Laca) and I intercepted Hurricane Gustav in Morgan City, Louisiana beginning on the morning of September 1st. We experienced wind gusts around 100mph and moderate structural damage. The strongest wind gusts I filmed were around 2:30 and were probably a little over 100mph.

After the eye began to pass over us, we decided to drive NW back through the eyewall again so we could experience the winds at our Hotel in the inland city of Lafayette. The drive through the blinding winds and rain was scary as $#^&! Back at our hotel the winds gusted to 70-80mph. Then the calm eye passed over in the early evening. The second half of the storm had deteriorated as dry air wrapped its way into the hurricane so the second half of the eyewall contained only 40mph wind gusts and little to no rain.

The quality of this video is very poor in relation to how it looks in high quality. I apologize for some of the shaky camera work in the beginning.


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