Taradale residents ‘shocked’ to lose community grocery store

Residents in the northeast community of Taradale say they’re not happy with a decision by the Co-op grocery store chain to close a store in that community.

The store, at Falconridge Boulevard and 64th Avenue N.E., has been a focal point of the community for many years providing produce and ethnic groceries — including a halal meat counter for Muslim customers — along with a busy pharmacy, popular with local seniors.

A sign in the window says the store will close on Dec. 10.

A sign in the window at the store thanks customers for their business over the years and lets them know where the nearest locations are once this store closes. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

“I’m very shocked, it’s very sad,” said Jeanette Kohlruss, a local resident who once worked at the store.

“I’m upset about it,” said Devi Ramdial. “It’s close and handy and I’m not happy about it closing down.”

“It’s easy for seniors to come here and the pharmacy is a really big thing for them, and the ethnic produce,” said Ramdial.

“This is very sad,” said Raphael Kamau. “Now these jobs are going to be lost also.”

“The seniors, the old, the young, we always come to hang out here and people just come here also for a cup of tea, so it’s a not a very good thing,” said Kamau.

Raphael Kamau says Taradale’s Co-op is more than just a place to grab some groceries, playing a vital role in the community. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

“I’ve lived here all my life. We love this store and we’re really sad to see it go,” said Sheila Scott.

While many can switch to shopping at neighbouring Co-op stores at Village Square and Monterey, some are concerned those without easy access to transportation or those on a budget, including seniors, may struggle.

“There were a lot of seniors that could just walk here. It’s a shock for a lot of people,” said Harwinder Kang, president of the Taradale Community Association. “It’s been an integral part of our community.” 

“They serve multiple communities, multiple cultures. We really appreciated the food and some of the meats, like Halal, they were careful about making sure different cultural and community backgrounds were served properly,” said Kang.

“It definitely impacts the community,” Kang said.

Co-op says the liquor store and gas station will remain in Taradale. The store and pharmacy close next month.

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