Storm Chaser Movie May 20, 2013 Moore, Ok Tornado F5

Recorded history’s most devestating tornado tore a path of extreme destruction from Newcastle, OK to eastern Oklahoma City. Moore, OK yet again received …

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Remember, this video is about FLYING not crashing. Download: Commands: obj:setWind(0,0,0) with each number representing … source USA News Headlines ABC NEWS Headlines

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¿Cómo se forma un tornado?

Hola si te a gustado el canal suscribete. visita mi blog: o tal vez quieras visitar mi otro canal: Siguenos en twitter: …

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Wiggins & Wray Colorado Tornado – Storm Chasing & Spotting

Very difficult close quarter spotting revealed a hidden rain wrapped tornado form between two merging supercells near Wiggins. The day continued to produce …

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How do tornadoes form and when is “peak” season?

Idaho gets tornadoes along with every state in the U.S. Find out when we are most likely to get a tornado. source USA News

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May 3, 1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak Part 2 of 3

KWTV News 9 StormTrackers Val and Amy Castor chase the tornado outbreak of May 3, 1999. The chase involved hours of footage, but the

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Why Are Tornadoes Most Likely To Occur In Tornado Alley?

Tornado facts tornado alley the most prone region in world worldatlas what is where are tornadoes likely to occur belt. Distinction of getting an

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