Symbol vs Hurricane ZvP Code A Day 7 Match 2 Part 2, 2015 HOT6 GSL Season 3 StarCraft 2

Symbol(Z) vs Hurricane(P)
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GOM eXP presents 2015 HOT6 GSL Season 3.

“The GSL” returns with slight change from its old format.
GSL has been evaluated as one of the most prestigious StarCraft II league in the world since the release of StarCraft® II: Wing of Liberty™ in 2010. In 2015, the GSL, which has contributed to the global popularity of StarCraft II, will be the sole partner for StarCraft II WCS in Korea and the WCS points will be distributed in the same manner as the other regions. GSL’s unique names for the different leagues such as Code S (Premier League), Code A (Challenger League), and Code B (Qualifiers) will be applied to all 3 seasons in 2015. Players who participate in the GSL will receive WCS points which will be applied to the WCS global rankings as well.

The 2015 GSL season champions will now receive larger prize for winning it all. GSL Code S Champions will receive 70,000,000 KRW, which is far more than the WCS or GSL prize money payout had been before. This big prize reflects the competitiveness of the players in Korea, and as such, the GSL will be held with more prize money compared to other regions. We received feedbacks from player, teams, and other persons concerned regarding the 2014 WCS Season’s prize pool and this too factored into the payout for 2015.

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