SpaceX launch rocket – dazzeling the southern California skies

Space X launch Falcon 9 rocket, carrying 10 new satellites to replace aging fleet. …

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39 thoughts on “SpaceX launch rocket – dazzeling the southern California skies

  1. Satellites are launched into space. There's also fuel problem too. The shortest distance between Earth and space is about 62 miles (100 kilometers) straight up, which by general accord is where the planet's boundary ends and suborbital space begins. Given that this rocket traveled across 3 states and didn't reach the required altitude it didn't seem to fulfill its mission most likely Space X will have to launch it again to place those satellites up into space. It would be fascinating to watch this same type of rocket from the beginning for the whole world to see. imho it`s very pretty.

  2. And they shot the rocket off at night because….it has a more alluring effect in the night sky? …and main media comes out after the fact saying it's spacex but not telling the world beforehand so we could all share in the "wonder of it" (Lol)? …and it has a bright spot it the midst of the cloud-like substance that is not attached to anything else that serves the purpose of….? …and it's moving horizontally because….??? Oh yeah, sounds like a rocket launch to me!!

  3. do any of the 10,000 videos of this "orbital rocket" ever show it go UPWARDS TOWARDS ORBIT?…..because every single one I've seen show it going sideways and DOWN…..has anybody even bothered to ask this simple question?

  4. It's ignorant to say that aliens do not exist, we don't know sure. I'm not saying that I think this specific sighting is an alien ship but it's at least a possibility

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