Space Engine Trailer

All shots are unedited and had been recorded in Space Engine without the use of any mods or texture packs.

I’m not the programmer of Space Engine, I only created this video!

Space Engine isn’t a game but a free space simulation program that lets you explore the whole universe. Areas of the known universe are represented using actual astronomical data, while regions uncharted by astronomy are generated procedural.

Please note that Space Engine is a beta version, which means it is still in development. Not all astronomical objects are included yet and it may contain several bugs.

Space Engine doesn’t look like in the video on your computer?
Here are my recommended graphic settings:

Black holes with accretion disks are extremely bright.
To see them properly I use this settings:

Planets of the Solar System will look flat and blurry from a close distance since they use actual photographed textures with a limited resolution. For HQ textures you can download a texture pack:
However procedural planets (everything that’s outside our Solar System) will always be more detailed!

Download Link:

Music: Full Tilt – Awake
Composer: Mark Moore



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32 thoughts on “Space Engine Trailer

  1. Wow. I thought this game was going to be a game where you just explore a couple of balls with chunky textures on them but actually going to the planets and seeing whats on them is a big leap.

  2. That's pure awesomeness! If you guys allow it, I'll use video content which I record for my own astronomical documentaries 🙂

    Are you maybe interested in a collaboration? I could show your program around and you let me use the content!

  3. Автор ,если ты это читаешь,то знай, ты постарался на славу, это неописуемая красота просто, даже представитьне могу сколько ты работы проделал ради этого. Будь уменя деньги я бы задонатил.

  4. It is now impossible for me to play this game. I had an encounter with a black hole and as I approched it, I passed the Event Horizon. My full screen (27") was filled at 70% by the black hole and 30% with the light of the Event Horizon. I was pale and I almost fainted. The only solution I had was to step away from my computer and ask my brother to close the game for me. I was not able to watch at my screen nor be close to it.

    Beautiful game, but sadly… I won't be able to play it anymore… It's a fcking shame! I hope I'm not the only one that felt the same way against a Black Hole… I feel like I'm not normal!

  5. so you made an exact replica of the whole universe with galaxys and stars and blackholes (when you go inside them i thing the dots in the background are other openings, so 2 freaking universes in a way) our home, a way of seeing space craft and the entire (sorta) cosmic web, life on world where the conditions are right, amazing detail, and 100% accuracy of our universes entire map (including all known objects and planet maps) for… FREE? dude you guys are the BEST! and you keep coming out with updates, so, how much free time do you have?!?!?! much love to the developers, they the best. it is awesome
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  6. Hello Ich Du, I am wondering if we could use some sections of this clip in our forthcoming event trailer for an event tour for a speaking Astrophysicist in Australia. Is this possible and how could we upload it? Our email is very grateful to you – Ricky

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