Solar System Vibration fX2^36:t. (Planets Sound Frequencies of Orbit )

SOUND OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM MEDITATION:- 36-Octaves transposed Orbital frequency of planets in Sol System to hear sound in audible range. Binaural Stereo circular rotation of 1/64 each frequency. (1/64) = 1/(2*2*2*2*2*2) so octave, the same musical note. The vibration of these planets as the music of the spheres, lost knowledge from ancient civilizations, will heal the mind, soul, emotions, and consciousness, and seems to relieve anxiety. But if you suffer from a medical condition or illness, this sound session must not be used as a replacement for Doctors prescribed medication.
For example, The lowest frequency is Neptunes year = 60190.0296Earth days
Number of seconds for Neptune Orbit around sun=(60190.0296days*24Hours*60minutes*60seconds)

The formula f = 1/t means Frequency = 1 / Timeperiod
So Audible Neptune f in Hz, cycles per second=(2^36)/(60190.0296*24*60*60)Hz=13.21422Hz
(2^36) means 2 multiplied by itself 36 times to hear the frequency in human audible range.
In this solar system symphony of planetary frequencies, The Hz value, same as cycles per second for each planet are:

Mercury = 9041.385Hz
Venus = 3539.656Hz
Earth = 2177.553Hz
Mars = 1157.789Hz
Jupiter = 183.5673Hz
Saturn = 73.94817Hz
Uranus = 25.91848Hz
Neptune = 13.21422Hz
Since ancient times we have always known about the existence of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn.
So these planets in this Session are sounded as Pure Sine Waves.
The unseen Twin Planets, Uranus & Neptune in this Sound demonstration have frequencies too Low to be heard as Sin Waves. So a waveform of Click Pulses were chosen for Uranus & Neptune.
Neptune & Uranus low frequency click pulses are of a wave formula f = 1/t
Frequency = 1/ time
The Click pulses for the unseen twin planets Neptune & Uranus are time symmetric. That is ,a frequency = 1/time pulse is played in the waveform then after, the f = 1/t is played in reverse

So this Solar System Sound Demonstration is Time-Symmetric.
It sounds the same played forwards in time or in Reverse.

Feel the Vibrations of the Planets Recharge your form…


And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

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