Solar Eclipse Footage 2017 MOON PASSES IN FRONT OF THE SUN! (Raw Footage)

This is 100% genuine footage from the Total Solar Eclipse August 21 2017. (08/21/17)

In this video the sun is approximately 50% eclipsed. You can see this through the small glare above the sun on the top left. This is a mirrored image of the eclipsed sun — the only way you can see the eclipse without a solar lense on your camera. This footage was taken in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

This video shows the moon was NOWHERE in sight before or after the eclipse. The moon did NOT cause the solar eclipse 08/21/17. I know this because I witnessed it with my own eyes.

Anyways, the comments will be filled with people calling me stupid and crazy. Did they witness the eclipse with their own eyes? They are using someones text book or lecture to explain reality. I refuse to live my life in such a manner.

I have been looking all night for images of the moon passing in front of the sun during an eclipse. THESE DO NOT EXIST. There are only artist renditions or composites available.

Whatever causes a solar eclipse is the same reason why we have Lunar Phases. Just like how we see the moon eclipsed almost every night, the sun gets eclipsed by the same source.


Ancient civilizations called this “Rahu” or the third celestial body above us. Read more on this here:



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