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Barbie has marked her calendar for the solar eclipse — August 21. And she’s learned how to make a pinhole projector. Those living in the path of the eclipse — from the west coast of Oregon to the east coast of South Carolina — will be treated to a total solar eclipse. It’s the first time a total solar eclipse has passed from one coast to another in 99 years! Even if you’re not in its path, you might get to see a partial eclipse of the sun, definitely if you live in North America. Barbie and her sisters, Skipper and Stacie, want to see this rare event, but as their doctor tells them, “Looking directly at the sun during a solar eclipse is dangerous!” So Barbie shows her sisters how to make their own solar eclipse pinhole projectors in this video — and shows you, too. It’s so easy — all you need is a dark piece of paper, a white surface and a pencil. With one simple step, you have a pinhole camera, perfect for capturing the solar eclipse without harming your eyes. Now you’re ready for the total solar eclipse, too!

The dolls and play set included in this video are:
DWJ63 Barbie® Sisters Two-Pack Asst.

About Barbie® Family:Barbie® doll and her sisters love to experience life! Each has a unique personality, but they all share an adventurous and generous spirit. Sister time is important, and when they get together, they always have fun, whatever they do. And if they can include their pets, all the better! Slumber parties, pool parties, pet parties, birthday parties, beach days, camping, vacations to the tropics and the mountains and more — they follow their dreams because they know that you can be anything with Barbie®!

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Solar Eclipse 2017 Pinhole Projector DIY



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