Smells of the Outdoors

Ahhh, the smell of the outdoors, do you ever catch yourself waking up opening the door bright and early and taking a deep breath? It happens often in our house, my husband especially, he opens the door lifts his arms up, takes a deep breath and says to all of the kids, "do you smell that?" And by that, he means the fresh outdoor air, just wakes you right up, and can oddly enough put you in a great mood.

What makes the outdoors smell so wonderful and make you feel so good? Well, I do know that smells can bring up memories, good and bad, funny and sad; they can make you remember childhood or romantic memories. My favorite it every now and then, not sure why or exactly what the smell is, but a few times a year, usually spring, a breeze comes in the bedroom window and I wake up with the memories of my honeymoon in Greece. It's so nice, that 12 years later and I can still smell the morning air there and drift back to sleep dreaming about the beautiful painted sidewalks and bakeries. Or another one I get, not as often but still great is a feel by the summer breeze of mine and my husband's first vacation away in Jamaica. It was the first time I really ever went away, and about once or twice a year in the summer the weather and smells are just so perfect I feel like I am there again. It's so amazing that smells can do so much.

What about that smell your clothes get from being outside, between the wind, pollen, trees, flowers, and dirt, there are so many differentdoors that add to that crisp smell your clothes get. All those smells, even the smell of dirt, or you could say earth, sounds a little nicer, I love hanging my bed sheets and towels outside just for this reason. You ever have your kids playing outside all day and when they come in and you hug them you can actually smell the outdoors on them, simply amazing, to 'smell' the outdoors on their bodies, nature is incredible!

The outdoors can be magical and you do not need to travel to Europe or the Bahamas to get it, you can camp yourself right in your own back yard. Gather all your beautiful wooden lounge chairs, your wooden benches, wooden side tables place them all an outdoor fire pit and smell the crackling fire, this will bring you right back to camping with your friends and family. Or spark up the grill late and roast some corn on the cob, lying back in your wooden swing you will feel like you are back at a country fair. There are so many outdoor smells from day to night, spring to fall ones you create and ones that happen naturally, all you have to do is pull up a seat and breathe in.

Source by Adam Summers Davis


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