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An expert sports handicapper
can regularly
charge up to thousands for picks in just one sport each year. How incredible would it be if I spend the money to
gain access to
up to hundreds of world-famous sports handicappers throughout the year, then reveal to you in my private members area
ALL of their picks every day, and
summarize for you the “best bets” of
the day where most of all handicappers have agreed on!

You, the bettor, will never have
to solely rely on the hot-and-cold opinion of just one sports handicapper again.
Instead, you can begin betting with unbreakable confidence of always
putting your money on the same picks that has almost undivided support
from the greatest handicappers in the industry, every day!

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I’m the creator of the world-famous
Exterminator and Demolisher betting systems that have
remarkably changed the lives of countless bettors worldwide! There’s never any doubt that massive
amounts of money can be made from betting on sportse made from betting on sports…

Sports handicappers dedicate their lives to the profession of
picking out winners. The price to pay for access to their expert
picks is typically steep, but with the amounts of heart-throbbing winnings you can
potentially earn back…it’s easy to see that the thousands that
some of them may charge in yearly subscriptions can be worth every penny!

The problem is…if you want access to picks from two different
handicappers, that’s potentially yet another thousands of dollars
you might be shelling out each year to access their picks. How much
can it cost to gain access to picks of 5, 10, or 50 expert sports
handicappers? You do the math! (hint: it’s not pretty)math! (hint: it’s not pretty)

Now, why should you seek out the opinion of more than one sports
handicapper in the first place? It’s simple: Not all the experts agree on the same picks.
Let’s say the Boston Red Sox are to play against
the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball tomorrow. Chances are,
one handicapper may believe that Boston will win, while another may
believe that the Yankees will pull it off!

Yes – even the experts don’t always agree with each other. But what
if you had access to 20 different world-famous sports handicappers,
and 18 of them pick the Red Sox to win, while only 2 of them pick the
Yankees? Now, isn’t that much easier for you to pick out the
potential lock of the

By having access to picks from numerous expert sports handicappers,
you’ll be able to quickly determine the best bets to make every day,
and start potentially inflating your bankroll while you sit back
and place wagers with boundless winning confidence!

But it’s dreadfully expensive to buy picks from just one
handicapper, let alone that many! Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody can
buy access to up to hundreds of different premium handicappers
throughout the year, compile all of
their picks together, and email them to you every day…

Well, brace yourself for the first-ever service of its kind!

Let ME spend the money to
gain access to picks from
the handicappers, so you don’t have to! Each morning, I will compile
together all of their picks, and email them to you in one easy
spreadsheet so you can be crystal-clear of the best bets to make to
potentially start the fast-track to betting riches stardom!

There’s not another
place anywhere on the internet that offers you this service!

Here’s how the Sports Picks Buffet program works:

I spend the money to gain access to up to
hundreds of
the best sports
handicappers in the industry throughout the year to compile together all of their daily picks in an
email I’ll send to you every morning.

You place your wagers on my recommended “best bets of the day,”
based on strong consensus of what the great majority of professional sports
handicappers are leaning on for the day.

Kick back, relax, and watch as the winnings potentially come flooding in as you
wager with untouchable winning confidence that your bets are the same picks
that most of the best handicappers in the world all agree on!You see, there are never any guarantees in
sports betting. But when you’re
betting along with some of the best sports handicappers in the world
whose livelihoods depend on picking the winners, and you’re just
betting on the picks where a great majority of them all agree on,
then it becomes the safest and most efficient way to wager on sports
to maximize your potential winnings all throughout the year!

I’ll be the one spending the money to gain
access to up to hundreds of world-class sports handicappers, and
sharing all of their picks with you!

To tell you a little bit more about my background…I’ve always been
a math whiz since childhood, with an intense passion for sports and
statistics. sports and
statistics. By 7th grade I had written a near-thousand page
long math word problem featured on television, and
eventually submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.

By 8th grade I had developed a number of mathematical
discoveries, the most significant of which became the rules
of divisibility for all known integers that was eventually requested
to be published by a prominent math journal.

My passion for math and sports continued throughout all my life,
culminating at a ground-breaking milestone when I came across a
betting system that’s completely changed my life, and thousands of
other peoples’ lives in absolutely remarkable ways. As a matter of
fact, my betting system was so successful that the players
who followed it ran the online sportsbook BetJoint out of business.
As a result, its owner Mark Roberts sold his sportsbook, joined my
membership, and became a player forever to make back his losses.

Mark Roberts, CEO and founder of the online sportsbook,
wrote me this letter below after his sportsbook shut down because of
my system players who kept winning tens of thousands from him a week
over a 2-year period! He swears to its incredible success in this
eye-opening letter below: 

Mark Roberts was the CEO, owner, and founder of the former online
sportsbook named He has also ran numerous other
prominent bookmaking operations throughout his prolific 35-year
career in the online sports gambling industry, including JazzSports,
BetHorizon, BetAtlas, and many others. His company went
out of business because of my system players who consistently won
tens of thousands from his sportsbook a week over a 2-year period.

My betting systems have been life-changing for countless people, as
thousands would attest to how incredible it has worked and made
money for them over the years. But the train doesn’t stop here. I’m
about to unleash to you an all-new, leading-edge system that
will never leave you exposed at risk by the mercy of relying on one
sports handicapper’s opinion again!

Yes, even the experts can be wrong sometimes, especially when it
comes to sporting events where the outcomes of games may be out of
our control. But what if you can hire an army of world-class
sports handicappers at your disposal, working around the
clock to relentlessly pick out the winners for you every day?

One expert can always be wrong, but the chances of 20
experts who dedicate their lives and financial well-being into their
craft to be wrong together on any day is outrageous to even imagine!

Compilation of sports
picks from expert handicappers for December 29, 2013

GamesAll picks are to win
on the point spreadAtlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers13 handicappers picked Atlanta to
win (Jim Kruger, Doc Sports, Vegassi, Capper’s Name
Censored, Brady Kannon, Joe Gavazzi, Bob Balfe, Intpicks,
R.A.W. Football, Platinum Plays, Kelso, Wolkosky Milan,
Wayne Root)11 handicappers picked
Carolina to win (Allen Eastman, Joe D, Easy Money Sports,
Capper’s Name Censored, Huddle Up Sports, Arthur Ralph
Sports, John Ryan, Cappersaccess, Scott Delaney, Marco
D’Angelo, Mike Moran)


Chicago Bears vs
Green Bay Packers6 handicappers picked Chicago to
win (Jim Kruger, Harry Bondi, Platinum Plays, Sebastian,
Football Crusher, Kelso)14 handicappers
picked Green Bay to win (Doc Sports, Texas Sports Wire,
Capper’s Name Censored, Capper’s Name Censored, Tony Campone,
Michigan Sports, Capper’s Name Censored, Sean Michaels,
Sports Nostradamus, Mike O’Connor, Intpicks, Ats Lock Club,
Gt Staff, Texas Sportswire)


0 handicappers picked Houston to win
7 handicappers picked Tennessee to win (Allen Eastman,
Vincent Pioli, Joe Gavazzi, Sixth Sense, Intpicks, Platinum
Plays, Wolkosky Milan)


Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers3 handicappers picked Cleveland to win
(Gt Staff, Capper’s Name Censored, Wayne Root)21
handicappers picked Pittsburgh to win (North Coast, Capper’s
Name Censored, Capper’s Name Censored, Goodfella,
Pointspreadreport, Charlies Sports, Stephen Nover, Mikey
Sports, Jeff Benton, Marco D’Angelo, Mike Moran, Bob Balfe,
Platinum Plays, Stephen Nover, Pointwise, Ats Lock Club,
Norm Hitzges, Sebastian, Wolkosky Milan, Power Play Wins)


New York Giants vs
Washington Redksins4 handicappers picked the Giants to
win (Dave Cokin, Chicago Syndicate, Sports Nostradamus, Joe
handicappers picked Milwaukee to win (Allen Eastman,
Capper’s Name Censored, Joe D, Rob Vinciletti, Brady Kannon,
Sixth Sense, Capper’s Name Censored, Norm Hitzges, Golden


Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals13 handicappers picked Baltimore to win
(Andrew Lange, NSA, Fred Callahan, Vegas Line Crushers,
Rickie Robbins, Chicago Syndicate, Sports Nostradamus, Brady
Kannon, Joe Gavazzi, Bob Balfe, Wolkosky Milan, Gt Staff,
Sebastian)7 handicappers picked Cincinnati to
win (Al Rogers, Goodfella, Allen Eastman, Harry Bondi,
Carolina Sports, Brett Atkins, Harry Bondi)


Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville
Jaguars2 handicappers picked Indiana to
win (Chris Jordan, Sean Michaels)4 handicappers picked
Jacksonville to win (Vegas Davis, Doc Sports, Sixth Sense,
Bryan Leonard)


Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles16 handicappers picked Dallas to win (Vegas
Davis, Capper’s Name Censored, Texas Sports Wire, VIP
Action, Tony George, Tony Karpinski, Craig Davis, Football
Jesus, Chicago Syndicate, Gamblers Data, Intpicks, Wayne
Root, Texas Sportswire, Sebastian, ATS Lock Club, Mark
Mayer)3 handicappers picked Philadelphia to
win (Arthur Ralph Sports, Dunkel, Norm Hitzges)


Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets5 handicappers picked Miami to win
(Harry Bondi, USA Sports Consulting, Will Cover, Platinum
Plays, Pointwise)8 handicappers picked the Jets to win (ER Sports, Sports
Nostradamus, Mike O’Connor, Brady Kannon, Joe Gavazzi, ATS
Insiders Club, GT Staff, Sebastian)


Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings6 handicappers picked Detroit to
win (Allen Eastman, Gameday Network, NY Players Club, Brady
Kannon, Gamblers Data, Wolkosky Milan)9
handicappers picked the Minnesota to win (Teddy Covers, Doc
Sports, Dave Price, Cappersaccess, Joe Gavazzi, Pointwise,
Mark Mayer, Paul Leiner, Norm Hitzges)


Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots0 handicappers picked Buffalo to win

7 handicappers picked New England to win
(North Coast, William E. Stockton, Sports Nostradamus, Mike
Moran, Platinum Plays, Spartan, Kelso)


New Orleans
Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers14 handicappers picked New Orleans to win
(Harry Bondi, North Coast, John Anthony, Jeff Alexander,
Brandon Shively, Chicago Syndicate, Mike Moran, R.A.W.
Football, Pointwise, Capper’s Name Censored, Kelso, Al
Demarco, Harry Bondi, Capper’s Name Censored)4 handicappers picked Tampa Bay to win (Chicago Sports
Group, Wunderdog, Jr Odonnell, Chase Diamomd)


Denver Broncos
vs Oakland Raiders4 handicappers picked Denver to
win (Vegas Davis, Lou Panelli, Mike Wynn, Mike Moran)
4 handicappers picked Oakland to win (Joe Gavazzi, Sixth
Sense, Matt Fargo, R.A.W. Football)


Cardinals vs San Francisco 49’ers13 handicappers picked Arizona to
win (Goodfella, Jim Kruger, Teddy Covers, Capper’s Name
Censored, Jim Kruger, Cappersaccess, Mike O’Connor, Intpicks,
Platinum Plays, Capper’s Name Censored, Sports Cash System,
Goodfella, GT Staff)6 handicappers picked San
Francisco to win (Zach Cutter, LA Syndicate, John Ryan, Bob
Balfe, Capper’s Name Censored, Texas Sportswire)


Kansas City
Chiefs vs San Diego Chargers6 handicappers picked Kansas City to
win (Zach Cutter, #1 Sports, Joseph D’Amico, Jeff Hochman,
Bob Balfe, Platinum Plays)9 handicappers picked San
Diego to win (Al Rogers, South Beach Sports, Bill Biles, LA
Syndicate, Sports Nostradamus, Mighty Quinn, Intpicks, Paul
Leiner, Norm Hitzges)


Seahawks vs St Louis Rams12 handicappers picked Seattle to
win (Capper’s Name Censored, Sportsaction365, High Stakes
Syndicate, USA Sports Consulting, LA Syndicate, Mike Moran,
R.A.W. Football, Pointwise, ATS Insiders Club, Mark Mayer,
Joe Nelson, Norm Hitzges)4 handicappers picked St
Louis to win (Jack Jones, Potsys Picks, Capper’s Name
Censored, Kelso)


NBA and MLB GamesThere are no NBA or MLB games
played today.


Summary of the recommended bets
to make for December 29th, 2013 based on the sports handicappers’
consensus (all bets to be made on the point spread):

Bet” of the day:
Most sports handicappers lean toward the
Pittsburgh Steelers to win at a 21:3 ratio!
this bet was eventually WON)

“Best Bets” of the

That leaves you with the 5-minute “job” of  placing your wagers on the picks that most of the
experts are all on the same side for the day! Imagine the
unbendable winning confidence of always being able to bet on the same picks
with undivided support from top-notch handicappers worldwide!

To get this kind of information yourself, you’d
normally have to subscribe to tons of different handicappers at a
premium that can cost you fortunes!
When you join me at my all-access sports picks buffet table, you’ll
gain access to all of their expert picks in one convenient page that will
not only save you money, but also hours of painstaking time every day!

the most efficient way to bet on sports!”

I’ve kept meticulous day-to-day records of the
Picks Buffet program to substantiate why it may just be
the most solid, consistent, simple,
template-driven, dummy-proof way to wager on sports!

The secret to making money on sports is to not
gamble away your money on your own hunches or intuitions. That’s
exactly the formula how the majority of average bettors lose their money on sports over long
term. Leave that job to the experts who dedicate everything
they have to solely pick out winners for a living!

You see, the key to happiness in life are good health, and lots
of money. If your
health was in danger, it would be foolish for you to try and treat it yourself
rather than to
seek out the help from the most skillful doctor…

…Why then, would you ever take a chance on
your hard-earned-money in gambling without conferring the advice of a
leading handicapping expert!?

Once you secure
your first-class access to the “Sports Picks Buffet,” you’ll open your doors to
not just one leading sports
handicapping expert, but also to every single one that I have access to!

As long as you have an internet connection and can spare a few minutes of your time a day, you can
make bets with vigorous winning confidence, backed up by the full support
of the expert handicappers in the industry – starting as
early as tonight!

“One handicapper can go hot or cold on any day, but it
must take something extraordinary for all of the world’s leading
handicappers who dedicate their entire lives and financial
well-being to picking winners to
be wrong together on any given day, let alone the long term!”

To put that into perspective, consider this: A world-class chef who
dedicates his entire life on making good meals may run into a bad
day once in a while as he prepares an entrée that didn’t come out to
be quite what he expected…

But it must take something incredibly extraordinary for a
majority of the world’s top chefs to run into a bad day
together. And over the the long term, it’s
literally inconceivable!

With the Picks Buffet, you’ll only be wagering along with some of
the world’s greatest handicappers on just the certain picks where a
great majority of them agree on.

It’s similar to finding out what’s a good movie to watch. You can
never fully trust the opinion of one movie critic, regardless of how
reputable that critic may be…

But what if 90% of top movie critics give two thumbs up to a certain
new movie? Then, you know it has to be a must-watch! It’s literally
unthinkable that a movie where 90% of top movie critics have fallen
in love with can
turn out to be dud!

What if 90% of the world’s greatest sports handicappers all agree on
a certain pick? That’s what happened on this particular day below
for example, when the New York Yankees played the Tampa Bay Rays in
Major League Baseball. 20 handicapping experts picked the Yankees to
win, while only 2 picked the Rays to win. I made sure all my members
know about it:

(April 11th) [MLB] Most handicappers lean toward
New York Yankees to win straight
up vs the Tampa Bay Rays at a
20:2 ratio!

Handicappers who picked Yankees
to win (20): Sac Lawson, Ben Legg, Day Trade Sports, Game
Hunter, Mike Hook, BigPunkPicks, 3G-Sports,
DunkelIndex, Hot Lines, Sports Betting Professor, MTi Sports
Forecasting, Mike Cannon, Kiki Sports, Jeff Benton, Fireman,
Tony Karpinski, Sports Advisors, Mighty Quinn, Locked
Loaded, Steve Merril.

Handicappers who picked the Tampa Bay Rays to win (2):
Sports-Handicapping Service, Rizzo Sportscapping Service, Rizzo Sports

Final score of the game, where the Rays never
once trailed:

All for just a few minutes of time to place a
wager that day!

Now, it wouldn’t be realistic to expect to cash
out on tens of thousands worth of winnings like this on each and
every single day of the year without fail. After all, results of
sporting competitions can always swing in a heartbeat. But what the
Picks Buffet program will do is allow you to bet along with the
world’s best sports handicappers who devote their lives and
financial livelihood on picking winners on just the games where a
vast majority of them agree on. You may be limiting your risk, and
betting more efficiently than ever before! The past results
of the program is simply proof in the pudding as to how effective
the service really is!

Think about this: A typical subscription rate to just one sports
handicapping professional can run you up to thousands of dollars a
year. How much do you think it can potentially cost for you to subscribe to
a bunch of leading handicappers and gain access to the kind of information
you’ll have at my private Sports Picks Buffet table?
You do the math!

But that’s even considering that I will work for free in
compiling together all of the picks and sending them to you in one
convenient email so you can save hours of your time every day… 

But here’s my shocking surprise:
I’m not going to ask you for thousands a month for your all-access
pass to the leading sports handicappers that could normally have
costed you a fortune.

I’m not even going to ask you for half of that.
Or even one tenth of that – as crazy
as it may sound!

That’s first-class access to daily picks
from the best sports handicappers in the industry for less
than the price of your cup
of coffee!

And if for ANY reason you’re not fully, wholly, and maddeningly in
love with the wildest sports winning results you’ve ever had
in your life, you can cancel your subscription at any time,
no questions asked!

Secure your order right now and you can get instant access to
hundreds of bookie-busting picks from all the top handicappers in
the industry – without the hefty price tag!

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the Sports Picks Buffet Immediately!

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Here’s to
lots of potential betting riches and more,

The NBA “Comeback”
Betting System ||
“Annihilator” NFL Betting System ||
“Demolisher” Baseball Betting System ||
Exterminator Betting System ||
The  Personal Sports
Sports Handicappers Lie ||

Baccarat Betting System

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Click here to get The Picks Buffet: Access Up To Hundreds Of Sports Handicapper Picks! at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Picks Buffet: Access Up To Hundreds Of Sports Handicapper Picks! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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