RVH operating at 120 per cent capacity; officials expect situation to get worse

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is well over capacity and officials expect the situation to only get worse.

Hospital officials said on Thursday that it was operating at 120 per cent capacity. Believe it or not, that’s actually down ten per cent from the day before.

“Every bed in the hospital is full. Patients are being put in hallways and lounges and unconventional spaces where you or your family would not want to be treated,” says Janice Skot, hospital president and CEO.

The chief of staff at RVH says the shortage of beds contributes to longer wait times in the emergency room.

“Even with patients in those extra spaces we are still full to the rafters in this hospital,” says Dr. Jeff Tyberg. “That impacts on patient care across the organization and right down to the emergency department.”

More than 40 patients at the hospital could be discharged if there were other resources available like long-term care beds.  The hospital could also open a closed area with 36 beds if funding was available.

“We want people to understand that this is a real crisis at RVH and we have been seeking assistance for help for some time,” says Skot.

Hospital officials say it would be difficult to deal with any large scale emergency right now and the situation is expected to get worse as flu season approaches.

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