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Role of Keywords in SEO and their types

Digital Marketing is growing very fast day by day and it requires tools to boost its search. Search Engine Optimization is a tool which is widely used to improve the organic ranking of a website with the help of leading search engine. Keywords are the essential elements for SEO. It should be unique and will help to boost your website ranking. Therefore keywords plays vital role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
What are the Keywords?

Keywords are the phrases in web content that helps the user to find out your sires through search engines. A keyword is a particular word that defines the contents of the web pages. It acts as shortcuts to the sum up the entire webpage. These keywords come under the web page’s metadata. To match a page according to the search query provide help to the search engine.

Why keywords are important for SEO Ranking ?

The function of keywords in SEO is very central. If these phrases are accurate and unique, search engine could crawl websites and assist these websites for search results. There are various tools available for the keyword generation like keyword planner which gives the complete information about the competition of that particular keyword, number of times that keyword is used, price estimation for bid of that keyword.

Therefore, developing a list of Keywords is initial and important step in Search Engine Optimization. Keywords and SEO are interlinked with each other in terms of running a winning search marketing campaign.

Various types of Keywords: There are basically two types of keywords in SEO. These are:

Short Tail Keywords
Long Tail Keywords

Short Tail Keywords: Short Tail keywords are mostly consists of 1-2 words only. To get lots of traffic, short tail keywords are highly useful. In term of volume, short tail keywords are always in favorable conditions. The shorter the keyword, volume would be higher. Moreover, competition for short tail keywords is more as compared to long tail. It has high cost factor also.

Long Tail Keywords: Long Tail Keywords are more than 3 words. It contains short tail keywords as well. It is very specific to the product you are selling. Long tail keywords are valued for business who wants their content to rank in organic Google searches but these are more beneficial for the online marketing promotion. Volumes of long tail keywords are far less. In addition to it, competition among other is also low. Another added benefit to the lower traffic long tail keywords is that you are going to pay a lot less for them.

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