Raising Children’s Self Esteem

Children who have high self esteem are much more likely to grow up happy, peaceful and fulfilled. They will automatically want to behave well and please their parents and strive to reach their goals. Raising childrens’ self esteem will help them to feel good on the inside, which will bring out their innate goodness. By bringing out your child’s innate goodness you can see their spirit come out through them into the world and into whatever they are doing. Joy and happiness will come through them into what they do rather than them seeking to find happiness on the outside of them from things and from what they do. This is key for their life long happiness and success and as parent’s you are the most influential person who can give your child a good self esteem. Here is a list to help you to raise your children’s self esteem.

Raising your child’s self esteem;

o Be respectful to them

o Be accepting of them

o Believe in the

o Identify their strengths

o Praise their good behaviour

o Help them to problem solve

o Support and encourage them in what they do

o Give praise and rewards for their efforts and achievements

o Encourage perseverance

o Encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions

o Teach them to respect others

o Help them to have a positive self image

o Encourage their curiosity

o Encourage their special interests

o Support them to be creative and use their imagination

o Help them to communicate well

o Join in with fun activities

o Teach good social skills

o Teach them to be assertive

o Support them in trying new things

Source by Ruth Edensor


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