Quebec man puzzled by feces that may have been dumped from passing plane

When Stephen Campbell stepped outside of his home located about 45 minutes south of Montreal on Sunday morning, he noticed a strange smell.

“You’d never believe the stink in my driveway,” he said. 

Campbell noticed a splattered pattern on his car and on his driveway and couldn’t tell what it was at first, but the stench gave him a pretty good idea. 

“What could do that? A bird, that’s what you first think,” he said. “Or if it’s a flock of birds, they all do it at the same time? It doesn’t make sense.” 

feces on car

After posting photos of the car on Facebook, one of Campbell’s friends commented a link to a Youtube video about someone who experienced a similar situation.

“If you look at the pictures, the pictures match right up,” Campbell said. “And I’m living in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and there are airplanes that go over top of the house coming in from Montreal.” 

Campbell made an inquiry with Montreal’s Trudeau airport and was told to contact an airline instead. 

“We suggest you to use WebTrak, a tool that provides near real time information on flights. It makes it easier for citizens to follow flights and submit a complaint on specific flights,” the email reads. 

Campbell says he does plan to contact whichever airline flew above his home overnight on Saturday, but mostly just to find out how often this type of accident occurs. 

“I’m not looking for nothing,” Campbell said. “I’m just thinking, you know, my pool is 30 feet away, or if somebody had been sitting out there… How is this happening?” 

Campbell mentioned he wouldn’t turn down the airline if they were to offer him a free car wash. 

“But I’m going to have it cleaned way before they offer me that,” he said. 

Multiple websites say planes don’t dump their waste into the air, but leaks do occur on occasion. 

“Can you imagine sitting out there in a lawn chair or something and that hits you?” Campbell said.

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