Puppy abandoned by Ottawa dumpster ‘back to 100 per cent’

A puppy named Grover has made a full recovery in foster care after being found freezing, emaciated and covered in excrement near a dumpster in Ottawa.

“He’s back to 100 per cent, minus a few pounds,” Melissa Dumont, who’s caring for Grover through Sit With Me Dog Rescue, a local non-profit, told CTV Ottawa.

“It was a rocky road for a couple of days, but now he’s learned to drink and eat on his own and he’s now fully recovered.”

Grover was discovered on Dec. 28 in a box in the underground parking lot of the Place D’Orleans shopping mall. Upon finding the puppy, a Good Samaritan rushed him to a local veterinarian.

The Ontario SPCA and Ottawa police are currently reviewing security footage to see who abandoned the dog.

When CTV Ottawa caught up with Grover on Saturday, the puppy was curious and active as he frolicked in a bowtie collar.

“He does love, love, love people,” Dumont said. “He also likes to interact with other dogs… and also gets into mischief, which typical 10-week-old puppies do: so, chewing on furniture and shoes and all that fun stuff.”

Grover’s story prompted an outpouring of support from around the country and the world, with donations to an online crowdfunding campaign coming from as far away as Ireland.

All of Grover’s expenses have now been covered. Extra funds will be put towards looking after the 120 dogs that Sit With Me Dog Rescue is currently caring for.


“It’s just been amazing to see the community come together and really support this little guy and just wish him well and give him all the positive thoughts that he needed,” Dumont said.

“We can only hope that some good will come out of this and these situations won’t happen again and that we won’t have to save another puppy that’s freezing outside.”

Grover will remain in foster care for a few more months until his forever family is found.

“Grover and I have been working on a few little tricks, so yesterday he learned how to sit, so we’re trying to teach him some good puppy manners early on,” Dumont said.

“He’s going to need an active home with experienced owners… to make sure that he does get the mental and physical stimulation that he needs.”

With a report from CTV Ottawa

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