Provincial Parks to be shut down by a strike during construction holiday

A total of 23 provincial parks will be shut down during Quebec’s construction holiday when SEPAQ employees walk off the job.

The Union of Public and Parapublic Workers of Quebec (SFPQ) announced Wednesday that it had sent new strike notices to the Minister of Labor and SEPAQ management.

The 1,500 members of the SFPQ who work in the 23 affected parks will launch their strike on Saturday, July 20,

That is the Saturday before the official start of Quebec’s two-week-long construction holiday.

The affected parks include the Bic, Gaspé, Iles-de-Boucherville, Mont-Megantic and Mont-Saint-Bruno.

Employees say they are seeking a raise.

Most of these workers are seasonal employees who work as fishing or hunting guides, greeters, park wardens, and land attendants.

Many earn $15 or $18 an hour, according to their union.

SEPAQ employees last went on strike in 2013.

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