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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was upstaged by his eight-year-old daughter, Ella-Grace, as the CP Canada 150 train chugged into Calgary Sunday afternoon.

Prior to Trudeau speaking, CP Rail President Keith Creel told the audience the railway had created a special train horn 50 years ago to celebrate Canada’s centennial.

The whistle was dragged out of storage and Creel invited the prime minister’s daughter to push the button.

“I’d like to now welcome Miss Ella-Grace Trudeau onto the stage to help us blow this whistle.”

“Hi,” said the PM’s daughter.

But when she pushed the button nothing happened.

“We didn’t test the whistle,” admitted Creel.

“It is a bit old. No whistle? Now you have to sing it Ella-Grace,” he added.

“No, no,” she replied.

Creel joked he would see Ella-Grace again in 50 years.

“I’m sorry Ella broke the whistle,” said the prime minister as he addressed the crowd.

After Trudeau’s speech the whistle problems were dealt with and Ella-Grace was able to blow it successfully twice.

The prime minister noted that when he wasn’t much older than his daughter he crossed the country with his father by train and saw how the railroad was able to bring families and Canada together.

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