Poppy Destroys the Universe

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-Pink Ragna: I forgot
-Black Azrael: Sora
-Red Terumi: ND
-Pink Jin: Jinny
-Green Kokonoe: Regulartae
-Blonde Tager: Anders
-Blue Bullet: Poppy
-Blue Amane: Garrett

ND’s YouTube:

Garrett’s YouTube:

Anders’ YouTube:

Sora’s YouTube:

Jinny’s YouTube:

Regulartae’s Youtube:



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25 thoughts on “Poppy Destroys the Universe

  1. And here we have the screaming weeaboos. (Oh i've been holding that one for a while now XD) – from another fucking weeb

  2. How many ragequits have you performed poppy? How many???
    “How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your life?”
    There are tears and rage in here boys but this time not caused by RWBY but by acme’s use of team gothic this game just gets even more crazy

  3. I honestly dont blame the insanity while playing this game is invincibility galore I remember I tried to punish Es projectile distortion when it was whiffed so I use blakes distortion after jumping it then she did another one and tanked through it and killed me

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