Police Armoured Rescue Vehicle used more for training and events than emergency use

An annual report on the use of the Armoured Rescue Vehicle (ARV) in its first year shows the vehicle is used more for training purposes and community events than tactical emergencies.

The ARV was first introduced to the police service in June 2016 and has been used for training, community events and tactical deployments.

The use of the vehicle from July 2016 – July 2017 are as follows:

The vehicle was used for 12 training deployments throughout its first year that police said allows officers prepare for high-risk situations including an active shooter training exercise held at St. Vital Mall.

It was also used at 27 community events that police attended such as the annual Santa Claus Parade. Police said doing this allows Winnipeggers to interact with officers and become familiar with the vehicle.

Police said the ARV was also used throughout the year for 37 of tactical deployments including firearm related instances, homicide calls, and warrant executions.

Police said in each case the use of the ARV was deployed to enhance the safety of the public as well as Winnipeg Police Service members.

The Winnipeg Police Board passed a resolution in June 2016 requiring police to provide a report on ARV1’s deployments over its first year of operation.

This report will be presented at the Winnipeg Police Board meeting on Friday.

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