Planet Nine! An Update from Konstantin Batygin

In 2016, Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown shook up the field of planetary science when they proposed an additional planet in the outer Solar Sytsem: “Planet Nine”. Since that time, Konstantin, Mike and many others have been working hard to flesh out and verify the hypothesis. Konstantin swung by the Cool Worlds Lab this week to tell us about his most recent work on Planet Nine and the latest from observational search efforts.

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► Konstantin Batygin Twitter: @kbatygin
► Konstantin Batygin personal website:
► Konstantin Batygin & Alessandro Morbidelli 2017, “Dynamical Evolution Induced by Planet Nine”, AJ accepted:
► Konstantin Batygin & Michael Brown 2016, “Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System”, AJ, 151, 22:
► Michael Brown & Konstantin Batygin 2016, “Observational constraints on the orbit and location of Planet Nine in the outer solar system”, ApJ, 824, 23:
► Matthew Holman & Matthew Payne 2016, “Observational Constraints on Planet Nine: Cassini Range Observations”, AJ, 152, 94:
► Benjamin Bromley & Scott Kenyon 2016, “Making Planet Nine: A Scattered Giant in the Outer Solar System”, ApJ, 826, 64:
► Scott Kenyon & Benjamin Bromley 2016, “Making Planet Nine: Pebble Accretion at 250–750 AU in a Gravitationally Unstable Ring”, ApJ, 825, 33:
► Columbia University Department of Astronomy:
► Cool Worlds Lab website:
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