Phuket – Promthep Cape

Phuket - Promthep Cape

The Experience
My first oversea trip with my D7000 !! It was a fun 4D3N accompanied by the hard working sun , blueish sky , greenish tree and the aqua clear water !
1st day – tailor made shirt
2nd day – Full day island hopping
3rd day – Getting to high ground and places of interest in Phuket.
4th day – Flew back to Singapore

About Phuket .
Phuket, Thailand’s largest island is approximately the size of Singapore. It is around 1400km or 1.5 hours flight away from Singapore.

About Promthep Cape (or Laem Promthep) ..

Promthep Cape (or Laem Promthep) is the southern most part of Phuket and is the best place to view the sunset.I guess my photo says it all…I guess the extreme weather whereby it rain and stop for many times cause such a dramatic sunset.. It was raining and i was holding umbrella while the strong wind threaten my umbrella to fly away.. Nevetherless , i am happy to get the shots even though it wasn’t at the best position….

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