‘People want science, and we’re here to bring it to them’: Day 4 of Beakerhead

On the fourth day of Beakerhead 2019, young Calgarian future scientists gathered at the Central Library for a “science takeover.”

The event, hosted by the University of Calgary’s science department, featured numerous interactive exhibits and was aimed at sparking the scientific curiosity and imagination of youth.  

Some of the demonstrations involved mixing chemicals to make elephant toothpaste, and quantum physics, oceans and parasites.

Hundreds of guests came through the library’s doors.

“It’s Science Literacy Week in Canada, so there’s a huge appetite for science activities,” said the science faculty’s Christine Sharp.

“People want science, and we’re here to bring it to them.”

The sold-out Beakerhead Spectacle featuring fire-breathing dragons happens Saturday night at Prince’s Island Park.

The five-day festival ends Sunday. A full schedule of events can be found online.

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