One Page WordPress Website Tutorial & WordPress Parallax Website Tutorial using the Divi Theme – website videos on youtube

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In this tutorial we are going to create a one page WordPress website. As a bonus we going to use the parallax effect and create a WordPress Parallax Website tutorial.

Get The Divi Theme (affiliate link):

Creating a one page website can be a great option. If your product or service is simple it can be a great way to deliver your message to your viewers. You can even link with in your one page website to specific sections. This will allow you to create a website menu or to create external links that will go to a specific part of the webpage. Watch the video or check the index below to see specifically how to do that.

This tutorial features a WordPress parallax website. In this specific example the parallax effect is used to give the appearance that the images are changing on the screen of the phone. I saw this and thought it was a pretty neat effect so I wanted to share with you how to do this. You can also use this tutorial to create a standard WordPress parallax website by simply using your own images and alternating between parallax and non parallax sections on your own website.

Video Index:

4:04 How to make a full height section
8:28 Setting a custom color palette in Divi
9:19 Adding the first parallax section
11:20 Using the Divi wireframe view
12:38 Using the blurb module to create a bullet list
15:38 How the parallax effect works on this website
17:08 Using a specialty section
17:16 Placing two buttons side by side
22:29 Placing images side by side
25:33 Creating a gradient background in the Divi theme
29:09 Customizing a section of your webpage for mobile devices
32:00 Creating a one page website
32:14 Adding dot navigation to your website
32:51 Setting creating links with in a webpage
35:05 Making your menu link to different places on the same page
35:54 Making a menu for a one page website.

Where to find free images for your website:

Download the image files so that you can follow along with this tutorial series.


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