‘Not doing good’: Sask. crops struggling ahead of expected rainfall

Some Saskatchewan farmers have serious concerns on this year’s growing season if the province doesn’t receive some rainfall soon.

Curtis Ridgway, a farmer in the Lang area, says the start of his growing season hasn’t been easy.

“We’re kind of just taking it slow and the crops growing slow,” Ridgway said.

Ridgway has already faced both frost and drought, with his canola crop being hit particularly hard.

“Froze off every plant that did germinate so there’s a few that are coming back and a few that came after that they’re searching for moisture and they’re not doing good.”

Some parts of the province received some needed rain but others like Ridgway have suffered crop losses from frost, wind, and a lack of moisture.

With the current conditions stacking on top of trade tensions, it’s shaping up to be a difficult year for producers.

“With the trade situation kind of its depending now really what type of crop we get in terms of yield,” said Cory Jacob, Crops Extension Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

Most farmers have now wrapped seeding and have moved into spraying for weeds and pests.

Fortunately for producers like Ridgway, much of the province is expected to receive some significant rainfall in the coming days.

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