nasa has removed the image from site thumbnail still there but when clicked goes to blank page sorry make this viral only copy left of image i was searching for photos for my latest research when i found this image the data below my information is NASA’s full description but going by their distances if this were really a black hole we are in serious shit and soon but its not so don’t worry it just nibiru on its orbit this image was taken by Hubble but please not the stars are not spinning around it like they should and a very curious thing it has a atmosphere so its really a planet as part of that atmosphere is in front of it an all descriptions of black hole theory state no light escapes from the hole so why is there light seen in front of hole because it’s not a black hole its a planet yes a planet don’t listen to the nasa cover up its the real reason governments are building hundreds of dumb’s for the rich using tax payers money because i think kits going to be close but we will survive the atmosphere looks damaged and all references to it state its got a damage atmosphere and that’s why they need our gold well that’s what they say but is coming from our south pole regions as when i saw the image of it on YouTube with pic taken from the Antarctic telescope the stars around it where spinning i even thought it was a black hole when ii saw that image but when i saw this image i found out its a planet as stars are still in this image so you work it out for yourself i spend hundreds of hours viewing the stars each week and i tell you its a planet and they are covering up that the fact that nibiru is real as they fear the damage it might cause to our planet but its just in its orbit i have worked out by the position that nasa states where it is and when its suppose to get here so it needs to travel very fast causing there atmosphere to look like it does in this image as its moving very dam fast so get ready im a believer and will now be making arrangements to be safe in 2012 what about you its not the planet i fear its inhabitants like that bill the yanks passed and all those large coffins well here is the reason for it as they are giants and they could be dangerous but just weapon up if it is as they were defeated by primitive well we certainly be able to fight them back i hope

here is the direct link to the image;lc:NVA2~30~30,nasaNAS~22~22,NVA2~19~19,nasaNAS~20~20,NVA2~18~18,NVA2~49~49,NVA2~16~16,NVA2~8~8,NVA2~48~48,NVA2~15~15,NVA2~47~47,NVA2~9~9,NVA2~14~14,NVA2~46~46,NVA2~13~13,NVA2~45~45,NVA2~44~44,NVA2~43~43,NVA2~42~42,nasaNAS~2~2,NVA2~41~41,nasaNAS~4~4,NSVS~3~3,nasaNAS~5~5,NVA2~29~29,nasaNAS~6~6,NVA2~28~28,nasaNAS~7~7,NVA2~27~27,NVA2~26~26,nasaNAS~8~8,NVA2~25~25,NVA2~57~57,NVA2~24~24,nasaNAS~9~9,NVA2~56~56,NVA2~23~23,NVA2~55~55,NVA2~22~22,NVA2~54~54,NVA2~21~21,NVA2~53~53,nasaNAS~16~16,NVA2~20~20,NVA2~52~52,NVA2~51~51,nasaNAS~13~13,NVA2~50~50,nasaNAS~12~12,nasaNAS~10~10,NVA2~33~33,NVA2~31~31,NVA2~32~32,NVA2~34~34,NVA2~1~1,NVA2~35~35,NVA2~36~36,NVA2~37~37,NVA2~38~38,NVA2~39~39&mi=614&trs=7072

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Collection
Hubble Discovers Black Holes in Unexpected Places
General Information:
What is a Space Science Update? Major Hubble discoveries on NASA television … Astronomers explain their Hubble discoveries at a press conference, called a Space Science Update (SSU), broadcast on NASA television. The SSU includes a question and answer session with members of the media. Back to top [ #top ]
Fast Facts:
About the Object Object Name: M15 (NGC 7078) Object Description: Globular Cluster in the Milky Way Galaxy Position (J2000): R.A. 21h 29m 58s Dec. +12° 10′ 00″ Constellation: Pegasus Distance: M15’s distance to Earth is about 32,600 light-years (10 kiloparsecs). Its distance to the galactic center of the Milky Way is about 34,000 light-years (10.4 kiloparsecs). Dimensions: The image is about 59 arcseconds (2.8 parsecs or 9.2 light-years) in the horizontal dimension. Masses: Mass of the black hole: 4,000 times the mass of the Sun Mass of the globular cluster: 600,000 times the mass of the Sun About the Data Instrument: WFPC2 STIS Exposure Date(s): December 1998 October 1999, May/October 2001 Exposure Time: 3.7 hours 16 hours Principal Astronomers:



cool #nasa videos- NIBIRU PLANET X (A VERY REAL HIGH DEF IMAGE TAKEN BY NASA) make it viral #Space #videos #NASA #News #SpaceVideos

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