Nasa – U2 Pilot Films Himself at 70 000 ft !(Lockheed) – Amazing Edge of Space Footage #Space #videos #NASA #News

The Lockheed U-2 is a reconnaissance aircraft that was used extensively during the Cold War by the United States, particularly to observe Soviet territories. The main feature of the U-2 is its ability to fly at high altitude (70,000 feet, or about 21 300 meters, twice as high as the airliners) to be out of range of air defenses. It has a large range, but relatively limited speed. Technically, the U-2 could be considered a “powered sailplane” because of its huge wings found on gliders. If the rumors about a wooden structure of the wing, Denis Jenkins in WarbirdTech Volume 16, mentions a monocoque aluminum for the fuselage for the wing spars 3 and a lattice of aluminum. Similarly, Bernard Millot in Docavia 29 on Lockheed, evokes an all-metal construction. The landing and take-off of this plane were very difficult: in fact, the Lockheed U-2 has a front and a rear axle tandem (unlike other planes that trains and two rear nosewheel), which are added casters stabilizing the ends of the two wings. These wheels are dropped at takeoff, reducing the aircraft but making landing more difficult and requires that ground staff intervene at every landing.

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